Wintersun album was released 13.9.2004 through Nuclear Blast!

Wintersun news 2011

Hi folks! The work on the album has been progressing but is on hold at the moment.

Jari started mixing "Time" in the beginning of February but had to put it on hold for now, because his equipment still can't quite handle the massive project.

Jari's been upgrading his home studio equipment bit by bit and has now the latest Mac Pro and Cubase 6 but most of the plugins he'd need for mixing don't exist in 64-bit format yet, so he still can't use more than 4GB of RAM.

With hundreds of tracks in each song project, the 4GB RAM limit is making his system unstable and basically impossible to work with.

Some of these 64-bit plugin updates were supposed to be released already in the beginning of 2011, but we're still waiting. Once the plugins are out and Jari gets his whole system finally working at 64-bit format and without RAM limit, the mixing will continue - hopefully much smoother and faster than before.

Meanwhile we've been preparing for the upcoming live shows by redesigning our whole live equipment setup: wireless systems, in-ear monitoring, backing tracks, pedalboards, rack cases etc.

Jari and I have been practising together for a while now, and Jukka (who injured his finger a while ago, but is already better now) will be joining us next week and Kai in a couple of weeks.

It'll be really cool getting to play live together again, especially since the band has been "inactive" for so long now. This time there won't be any cancellations, and besides the old songs we will be playing over 10 minutes of new material... ;)

Hope to see you at the shows!


News update
Hi everyone! It's been a while.

I've been working very hard with the synths&orchestrations and I can finally say that I'm feeling very positive about finishing this long and gruesome task by christmas. So hopefully around the end of December I can finally start mixing the album. I still have a few vocal parts unfinished, but I will be singing them meanwhile I'm mixing.

The only problem about the mixing is that my current computer gear simply cannot handle these insanely huge projects. And the other problem is that I have no money for new gear. So we have discussed about this problem with our label&management and they have agreed to help us with an advance to buy new and more powerful computer gear, but only if we agree to play a few shows and show people that Wintersun is still alive. So after carefully weighting all the different possibilities, we think we need to play these shows to help the completion of the album.

The shows will be for now:

Metalfest(3 shows)
Metalcamp (1 show)

There's lot of work and preparation to do for these shows, 'cause we have to update our live gear as well, sort out technical difficulties and of course rehearse the songs. This will most likely affect negatively with the mixing schedule, so I can't give any predictions with that yet. I also need to try out the new computer gear first and see how it handles these projects. The software is still not 64-bit, so the "infamous 4GB RAM limit" might also be a problem with the mixing, since these projects already eat about 3GB without any plugins. But I will do my best to overcome this challenge the fastest way I can.

And no worries, these shows will definitely not be cancelled. So we are looking forward to you guys, see you at the gigs! Who knows, we might even play a one new riff... I mean a song! ;)

Jari, Kai, Teemu & Jukkis

All Wintersun shows cancelled

There has come again unexpected problems with technology, which will make finishing the "Time" album even more harder than it has been. Which will delay it even more. There's also some personal problems concerning my apartment.

Because of all the problems, I have fallen under a serious amounts of stress, which is sometimes causing me "writer's blocks". This album making is now turned into such a "risky business", that I have no choise, but to cancel Summerbreeze and Bloodstock.

The thing is, the album has to be done first, before we can play any shows. Playing just old songs after many years isn't something we want to do and what probably no one wants to see.
After the album has been mixed, I need to mix again a "backuptrack livemix" (of the synths&orchestrations). Then we have to of course practise the new songs and arrange them into "live format" (especially mine and Teemu's guitar parts). We also need to update our humble live gear.
All these arrangements take time, so we don't want to risk it, that we might have to cancel the shows last minute. It must be done now and put finishing the album the number one priority. After the album is done, we will start booking shows again.

I know there's lots of disappointed people and I have to apologize. But I hope that you'll understand my decision under these circumstances. I have to put the album first and finish it before we play any shows. Thanks for listening!


Hey friends!

Here's mine and Kai's Youtube channel links:
We are uploading there some cool videos. There's few now and more will follow in the future.


Hello everybody!

It´s been over a year since our last update. We are very sorry for that, but there´s also a good reason. We have been struggling with the new album more than enough and the main reason in the last year has been with lots of computer problems. We had to do this album in a way, that Jari finishes the album at his home studio, when the drums, bass and rhythm guitars were done at Sonic Pump Studios. We didn´t predict how much problems this would bring us more. Frankly, I had been having real sleeping issues, and I was forced to research a variety of anti snoring mouthpieces in order to cure my snoring and get my energy back. This is the first time we had worked like this and were clearly too "green" to understand what it takes to go from the computer to handle hundreds of audio and midi tracks. For fast and efficient composing of the orchestrations you need lots of horsepower from the computer. It´s a must have to get as many VST instruments running realtime as possible. And for this you need lots of RAM, but there´s a 4GB limit in 32bit apps, so this has been really painful for Jari. So we are hoping that the change to 64bit era will happen soon, which will put an end to this RAM limit misery. And also with more powerful processors give us the freedom to write and record albums much faster for you!

Thank god we got Nuclear Blast to help us! We have now a new powerful computer and things seem to work much better now. Also we have to thank a lot our manager Stefan Hattinger from Rock The Nation for being so patient with us and helping all the time! Also we want to thank you fans for being so patient and understanding! Last year hasn´t really been easy for us, but now there´s some light in the end of the tunnel. We will get back to you all as soon as we know more about how things are evolving. We really don´t want to disappoint everybody again by promising a release date, because we´ve seen how it has gone before. But we promise to do our best and get this album done as soon as the conditions let us. We will play at Metalcamp in July anyway, but that´s the only show we do this summer. We will concentrate finishing the album and then go back on the road.
Have a great summer everybody!

p.s. You can also find some additional info from our messageboard.

News update

The mix has been cancelled and the release of "Time" is delayed even more. I'm sorry to disappoint everyone...again, but the album is not gonna be released this year. And unfortunately Nino has the Sonic Pump Studios booked full for this year, so we might have to think of something else.

Reason for this delay is that, I've set the bar really high on this album, but my equipment aren't even close what I need to work faster. I have to push the gear what I have to the limits to get the best out of them and I have to do a LOT of workarounds which is very time consuming. Then all the thousand technical problems added into the mix isn't helping. Basically every piece of gear has been broken at one time or another during the making of this album, feels like there's a curse. Takes ages to solve the problems and send the stuff back and forth making the warranty changes. All this has made me very frustrated and un-inspired. Hasn't helped with my stress about the deadlines either, slowing me even more. I work the best when I'm happy and lots of times I haven't been. It's been the most difficult record to make in my life. The album is very huge, I don't know if it's gonna fit even in the 74 minutes of a CD. The track count is very high, about 200 tracks per song. So it's almost like two albums in one (or three Slayer albums :P). But I'm gonna finish this, no matter what.

Now some update of the album progress: All the drums, bass and all guitars (rhythms/melodys/solos and acoustics) has been recorded (probably some add ons will be recorded when the synths and vocals are done). Then I've pretty much finished with the intro, that I've decided to include on the album. Really atmospheric and huge with some magical Japanese influences. I've also started to compose and arrange the synths. I'm trying to avoid the basic (and boring) layering chord stuff and create something really cool to boost the magic of the songs into new dimensions. I haven't been able to start singing yet, because my preamp and mike "died", but hopefully soon I can. There's been a demand to know what is going on, so there we have it. Unfortunately the news ain't always good.

I wish you all a great summer! (But sadly, it┤s gonna be a Wintersunless summer).


Web shop: new stuff

Lots of new items added, including the very last 2006 tour shirts!
Have a look here.

Messageboard relaunched!

Check it out here.

Album update and shows cancelled!

Hello people!

We have to inform you that the last 3 shows which were in Sweden and Norway are not going to happen in the upcoming European tour. Amon Amarth are heading straight from Europe to support Children of Bodom in their American tour and this is the reason. We are very sorry for this but it wasn't in our hands and we hope to play some Scandinavian shows in the near future. Also the Ragnarök festival that was supposed to be in March 2007 is cancelled.

The reason for cancelling this festival is because we have booked Sonic Pump studios to mix the new album with Nino Laurenne in May 2007. The schedule for releasing the second album "Time" hasn't been able to hold for many reasons and some of them has been really delaying and slowing down the recording process. And when the recording couldn't finish in the schedule also the mixing had to be cancelled and re-scheduled. Jari is still working very hard to finish the album and to make the best possible second release for Wintersun.

The release date is now planned to be somewhere in August 2007 but I'll promise that the wait will be worth it! We are very sorry for this delay! Have patience.

We'll keep you informed more in the future what is going on with Wintersun.

See you on tour!


Web shop launched!

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Wintersun will be on an extensive tour for the first time this autumn.
Check out the tour dates:

02. November DE - Frankfurt - Batschkapp
03. November DE - Osnabr├╝ck - B 51
04. November DE - Lichtenfells - Festhalle
05. November IT - Milano - Alcatraz
06. November CH - Pratteln - Z7
08. November HR - Zagreb - Boogaloo
09. November SI - Ljubljana - VPK
10. November AT - Linz - Posthof
11. November AT - Wien - Planet Music
12. November HR - Budapest - Wigwam
14. November PL - Wroclaw - WZ
15. November DE - Berlin - Columbia Club
16. November DE - Halle - Easy Schorre
17. November DE - Erfurt - Club Centrum
18. November DE - Kaufbeuren - All Kart Halle
19. November DE - Stuttgart - LKA
20. November FR - Paris - Elysee Montmarte
22. November UK - Bradford - Rio
23. November UK - London - Scala
24. November BE - Vosselaar - Biebob
25. November NL - Weert - Bosuil
26. November DE - Bochum - Zeche
28. November DE - K├Âln - Live Music Hall
29. November DE - Hamburg - Markthalle

Wintersun has started "Time" album recordings

We entered the studios today. The day went setting up the drums, changing the drumheads, miking the drums, making the basic drumsound and Kai playing too fast all day long (and driving Nino crazy). Jiiiihhaaaaa! Tomorrow we will start the actual recordings.
In this studio session we will be recording only the drums, rhythm guitars and bass. I will continue recording the vocals, solos and synths/samples at my home "studio"/rehearsal place during the summer. The melody/acoustic guitars I will be recording with Teemu. The mixing will take place in autumn and the release is scheduled for the end of this year.

The album will be called "Time" and the track titles are:
1. Sons of Winter and Stars
2. Land of Snow and Sorrow
3. Time
4. Fire
5. One with the Shadows
6. Storm
7. Silver Leaves

Seven epic songs and quite long ones, over 65 minutes of material. It's a theme album. The music has some new dimensions, but has also the recognizable "Wintersun style". So hopefully you will stay patient, the wait will be worth it!
- Jari

Wintersun recordings for 2nd album starts in May 2006

We have booked studios to record the second Wintersun album. I also picked up a cheap dab rig and bong from this company. Solid smoking will occur, friends! The recordings will start in May 2006 at Sonic Pump Studios with Nino Laurenne. The mixing will happen in the beginning of July. There's still work that needs to be done with the songs, but I'm sure we'll get there. I believe that this will be a very strong album and I'm very excited about it! The working title for the album is "Time". -Jari


Live pictures from Tuska Open Air 2005 here

Messageboard launched!

Wintersun has found a 2nd guitarist for the band.

His name is Teemu Mäntysaari, a very young dude, but an extremely skilful and motivated player! Maybe even better than me I might say, heh! We welcome him to the band! I wanna thank everyone who applied as a guitarist, you were all great! Thanks for the interest! Finding a good synthplayer has been more difficult task. I think we might have to use backup tapes for the shows at first. We´re still looking for synthplayers, but mainly finnish players and talented ones of course. I´ve been working on new material, but so far just riffs, melodies and ideas. Quite a lot great stuff actually, but It will take time to start putting them together as songs and to make the lyrics as well, so hopefully you will stay patient. We´re trying to organize the liveshit together at the moment. It´s a bit hard situation, ´cause we don´t have a rehearsal place and there´s other shit that needs to be organized too, but hopefully the year 2005 will bring us/you great liveshows! Thanks to everyone who´s bought the album or supported us in some way, it will help us to get forward, means a lot!



You can join to #wintersun -channel at Quakenet with irc-program (for example mIRC)


Unfortunately Oliver has decided that he can´t continue in Wintersun
as a guitarist, because his time is filled with other activities/jobs. So Wintersun is looking for a guitarist and a synthplayer, but we are mainly looking for finnish members.

23 .09.2004

Wintersun website online 23.09.2004


Wintersun video of "Beyond the Dark Sun" was filmed 3-4.7.2004.
We had very hard time doing it with low budjet and in very short timeschedule, but it was worth the hard work. It was directed and produced by Maurice Swinkels (LowLifeMedia and also the singer of Occult). And also we had great help from his friend Pieter, cheers mate!

The video turned out to be very energetic! Check it out from: